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Not Just Another Pretty Face

These grinderPUNCH Men’s Polarized Sunglasses are just as strong and durable as they are good looking. They look completely kick-ass in any situation, whether you’re wearing them to play volleyball on the beach, cruising up the coast, or playing with your brother in a blues band.

Reduce Glare and See the World in High Def

Polarized lenses block out the horizontal light waves that create glare and make the world look dreary and dull. But it’s not sorcery, it’s science. That's why wearing these sunglasses can help you see better while driving in rush hour traffic, catch more balls in the outfield and dodge zombies in the coming apocalypse.

Block Wicked UV Rays

Wearing sunglasses that filter out 100% of all dangerous UVA and UVB rays is one big way to stave off some pretty nasty things like cataracts, macular degeneration, and even crows feet [GASP!]

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If your new grinderPUNCH Men’s Polarized Sunglasses let you down for any reason within the first 30 days, let us know. You'll get your money back. This purchase even comes with a signature grinderPUNCH microfiber pouch to carry your shades in.

Order Your Own Pair of grinderPUNCH Men’s Polarized Sunglasses Today and Don't Get Eaten By a Zombie