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Eyeglasses teamed up to design a performance cycling frame inspired by the French outfitter’s ability to honor classic design while elevating technical capabilities.

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I had to leave a review for these because they're so good. I had a pair of the Karen Walker super duper strength sunglasses because I liked the style, but they were so heavy, and they were slightly too small for my face so they always gave me a headache. When I saw these I figured it was worth a shot, and they're perfect. They look exactly the same as the KW version, they still feel sturdy, and they fit perfectly! I would have paid more for these, but love that I didn't have to.
TLDR: Get them.

L. Lim
Healthcare nurse

I love these glasses! This is such a hot shape right now, and I wasn't sure they'd look good on me, but I took a chance and I was pleasantly surprised. They look pretty good! They are very dark, and description says the 2-pack isn't polarized, but they seem like it to me. The only thing is that the black pair fits tighter than the tortoiseshell. I'm trying to stretch them out. They'll be fine even so, but they'd be more comfortable if they fit like the other pair.

Kevin Q.
Surf teacher and traveler

These are the best glasses I have had in ages! So comfortable and perfect for driving.

Briony Penrose
Sales Assistant

The lens are really good as far as clarity when you're driving and looking through them. Open and close without ease. Look stylish ! My skin is EXTREMELY reactive towards the sun and these eyeglasses cover 80% of the area !

Megan Weber
Fitness instructor

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