Be a grinderPUNCH Influencer

We’ve noticed that you’ve been sharing the word about grinderPUNCH, so we’ve created an Influencer Program—with lots of perks—to thank you for your support.

grinderPUNCH social media and instagram influencer program
The program rewards you for championing grinderPUNCH by giving you incentives and experiences we think you’ll appreciate for both the women’s and men’s businesses.
  • Cash payouts for each sale made using your influencer link, after the return period has passed
  • Priority access to the newest sunglasses just for grinderPUNCH  affiliates
  • Opportunities for cross-promotions, giveaways and other partnerships
  • Access to insider news through our grinderPUNCH influencer newsletter and Facebook group
  • Content toolkits and best practice guides to help you grow your own following
  • Occasional gifts and other surprises to show our appreciation for you
  • Coming soon: Exclusive grinderPUNCH Influencer Club, connect with other grinderPUNCH influencers and grow your influence even more!
We’re honored by your support and excited to invite you to join our Influencer Program! We hope you’ll enjoy being a part of our community.
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