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grinderPUNCH Men's Large Classic USA Sunglasses Patriotic American Flag, Black Lens

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Ciao Bella! Discover our fan-fave Bella shades. These sunnies are insta-worthy, beach-worthy, and YOU-worthy! Featuring an oversized fit, classic square shape, & sleek metal temples, our
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  • Classic American Flag Sunglasses
  • Frame Style - Square
  • Frame Material - Polycarbonate Plastic
  • Frame Color - American Flag
  • Lens Color - Black
  • Frame Width - 5.7 in 
  • Lens Width - 2.5 in 
  • Lens Height - 1.8 in 
  • Arms/Temple - 5.8 in 
  • Bridge - 1 in
  • 61AF

Customer Reviews

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Kevin North
Old Glory For Your Face

Yet another pair of frames that will have the Patriots cheering and the cowardly terrorists looking for cover. These things are packed with more America than Mom, Apple Pie and Baseball combined! No UV protection, but who needs UV protection when you are protected by God and Uncle Sam. The quality is decent for the price, because America wouldn't short change you. Oh, and by the way.... AMERICA!!

Great for the price, I felt like a rockstar!

Surprisingly nice quality for the price! They were not overwhelmingly large on my face, which was great. The only complaint, there were fingerprints that were sandwiched between the lens and the flag decal... so you can't clean them off. Since you are seeing a pattern anyway, the fingerprints are just another smudge you have to look through... but still... that was annoying. Both pairs had this. But for the price, what can you expect. Still a great deal for 2 pairs of glasses.

These are fun glasses. I bought them for a family that ...

These are fun glasses. I bought them for a family that was coming to the US for the first time. It was a very fun gift for each of them, and they are priced reasonably. The design ia nt the best to see through, bit that can be expected with this type of sunglasses.

My life has improved three fold since I got these

These things are so friggin badazz that I saw a bald eagle the day I ordered them. The day they arrived it was glorious. The clouds parted, the sun shown down (for the first time in days) the birds were even extra chirpy. Until I heard the majestic call of two bald eagles singing the star spangled banner as they swooped down on my front porch to deliver these bad boys. I kindly thanked them and the one winked the other highfived me. I've gotten two raises and a promotion since I installed these spectacles on my dome.No really these are very well built cheap sun glasses. With bidirectional spring hinges and cleaning clothes/ storage sacks.

I like turtles
So American it hurts!

These glasses are Viagra for patriotism. I couldn't help but belt out the national anthem after carefully placing them upon my eager face. While gingerly setting them on the bridge of my nose, I quickly felt my Mexican heritage fade away as America penetrated my field of vision. My fist began to pump rapidly, sounds of fighter jets and eagles filled my ears, and the TV tuned itself to NASCAR. These shades are almost more than one human can handle. If you love the red, white, and blue, and I know you do, purchase these immediately.