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grinderPUNCH Cover-Ups Black Fit Over Sunglasses - Wrap Around Sunglasses - People Who Wear Prescription Glasses in the Sun


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Ciao Bella! Discover our fan-fave Bella shades. These sunnies are insta-worthy, beach-worthy, and YOU-worthy! Featuring an oversized fit, classic square shape, & sleek metal temples, our
bestselling Bella will upgrade all...

  • Cover-Ups Black Fit Over Sunglasses - Wrap Around Sunglasses
  • Wrap Around Sunglasses Over Prescription Glasses
  • Large Style Sunglasses Fit Over Your Normal Prescription Glasses
  • UV400 Protection Blocks the Harmful Rays of the Sun. ANSI Z87+ Rated.
  • Wrapping Style Protects Eyes From the Sides and Top - Blocking the Sun From All Angles
  • Size: 6.4" Wide, 2.25" Tall. Holes at the End of Arms to Attach Retainers.
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  • SG043
  • grinderPUNCH Cover-Ups Black Fit Over Sunglasses - Wrap Around Sunglasses - People Who Wear Prescription Glasses in the Sun

Customer Reviews

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Daniel A.
Jam up shades

Best shades ever, fits great over glasses, keeps light out

It's me in central Illinois
I am so glad to have found these

Thank goodness I was able to find these. I used to have a pair several years ago, but lost them.I have a torn retina and have been having a lot of doctor visits for it. Of course every time I have a visit, they dialate my eyes. The glasses the eye specialist give you to block light are awful.These are the only glasses I have found that do a good job of blocking light. They block light from even coming in around the sides of the glasses.I see an eye surgeon tomorrow, and I know they will dialate my eyes as big as they can get them. Thank goodness I have these glasses to protect my eyes from any light!

Jonathan D. Brooks
Best Driving sunglasses for UV Protection

I have used this product for years and its fits over my prescription glasses, and I will continue to re-order as long as I can, because i use my car for errands and as a driver for my dad who is an attorney. The side protection from glare is a great asset.

rose marie
Cover-Up Sunglasses Do the Trick!

I bought the Cover Up sunglasses because of two health issues that are bothersome to me. I have chronic migraines and NONE of my sunglasses are dark enough to keep the glare of the sun or any bright light from bothering my eyes. Also, I have Wet Macular Degeneration and after an injection any eye injection my eye is ultra-sensitive to light. I have the Cover ups on right now, over my prescriptive lenses and it's SO much better!

Just as expected

I bought these to wear over my sunglasses while in or around a swimming pool, because my eyes are extremely sensitive to light and glare, especially around water and snow. I have perfect vision, but because of light sensitivity, I've occasionally been something like sunburned in the eyes. These glasses are very practical, effective, and good quality.