grinderPUNCH 2 Pack High Magnification Reading Glasses Strong Power Readers

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Strength: +1.25


Color: Black

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  • plastic frame
  • plastic lens
  • non-polarized
  • Lens width: 48 millimeters
  • 2 PACK 
  • Standard Sized Reading Glasses - One Size Fits Most! Width: 5.4 Inches, Height: 1.75 Inches, Lens Width: 1.9 Inches, Arms: 5.5 Inches.
  • Classic styling allows for both Men and Women to enjoy these reading glasses and look great!

Customer Reviews

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I love them!

I do a lot of amateur gunsmithing, and these glasses work perfectly for me. The people who complain about having to hold objects too close don’t understand magnification. 6 power magnification focuses at about 6 inches or so. If you want something that focuses farther away, you’ll need to get a lower magnification. The quality of the lenses is very good as well. For my purposes they work exceeding well.

David Matuszek
Great for close work, not great for reading

I bought the 4x version some time ago, and just purchased the 5x version. I have been surprised at how much better these glasses are than trying to manipulate a magnifying glass. When you need to see something tiny, and it helps to have both hands free, these are a must. For example, threading a needle, or trying to remove a small splinter with tweezers.The lenses seem to be good quality, and the frames are sturdy. I find them quite comfortable, but your mileage may vary.The glasses have a number of bad reviews, because you have to hold what you are looking at just a few inches from your eyes. On the one hand, I feel that this is an unfair criticism by people who don't understand magnifying glasses--that's just how they work. On the other hand, these are sold as "reading glasses," and most people won't be comfortable using them for long periods.

the Poet of yesterday
... but i've kept them and the 4 which is perfect..

i ordered this twice 1st the 6 which is too strong but i've kept them and the 4 which is perfect...the reviews said the 6 is too strong and it hurts your eyes but they work when looking at pictures they get really big like life size...reading no way...the 4's are perfect for reading...also i'm sure everyone knows you can get reading glasses in any dollar store and these are much better than those...sturdier and bigger...the largest in a dollar store is 3.5 and flilmsy made these are quite sturdy and 10$ shouldn't break anyone

Kelley H.
Easier to use than a jewelers headset.

Bought them to do modeling with. I already have to wear reading glasses so it was natural to wear and focus these glasses. Purchased the 5.0 based on other reviews. The focus distance is perfect for me. The working focus distance is between 6 and 8 inches from nose bridge to object. Outside that distance is an eye strain. For me the 6.0 should have focused between 3 to 5 inches. Too close for my requirements. I guessed right.The frames are geekish with thick lens but surprisingly light weight. Ear pieces are thin and wide with spring hinges that hugs the head comfortably. On mine, the nose bridge is smooth with good contour. Comes with a drawstring soft pouch.If you're not use to wearing reading glasses, they will take some time to learn focusing, and flipping (on and off the nose to top of head placement). If you do wear glasses..tip of nose placement is uncomfortable due to the ear piece shape and spring hinges. Flipping works better.

Betty Boop
These are wonderful and will be great at restaurants reading the menu

I have macular degeneration and have several loupe (on the head) magnifiers. These glasses are exactly what I was looking for.You must hold the reading material close to your eyes, but that's how high powered magnifiers work. These are wonderful and will be great at restaurants reading the menu.