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grinderPUNCH All Black Oversized Sunglasses Thick Frame Retro Classic Shades UV Protection


Color: Tortoise

Matte Black
Glossy Black
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Ciao Bella! Discover our fan-fave Bella shades. These sunnies are insta-worthy, beach-worthy, and YOU-worthy! Featuring an oversized fit, classic square shape, & sleek metal temples, our
bestselling Bella will upgrade all...

  • Oversized Square Super Dark Lens Sunglasses
  • Frame Style - Square / Oversized
  • Frame Material - Polycarbonate Plastic
  • Frame Color - Tortoise, Matte Black, Glossy Black
  • Lens Color - Black, Brown
  • Frame Width - 5.7 in 
  • Lens Width - 2.4 in 
  • Lens Height - 2.2 in 
  • Arms/Temple - 5.6 in 
  • Bridge - 0.5 in
  • 9399

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
S KimS Kim
Great sunglasses - Large but not comically large

These are great sunglasses - as mentioned, they are large but not so large they look like ridiculous clown glasses. I'll state the pros and then write why it may not be quite right for me.PROS:-Fine quality: The lens seem good - as far as good clarity when you're driving and looking through them-Hnges are just fine as well (I once ordered a pair of inexpensive reading glasses and I never knew hinges could be so bad) - Open and close w/ease. My hair also does not get caught in them which is nice as I can't afford to lose any more hair around my templates-They fit inside my eyeglass case holder in my car just fine-Look stylish.Now on to why this may not work well for a few folks like me. I am one of the few people that used to cover my face with a mask (Solumbra/SunPrecautions are favorites of mine) before the pandemic. My skin is EXTREMELY reactive towards the sun - 10 minutes of unprotected exposure even w/SPF 100 causes my skin to break out in dark sun spots that take YEARS to diminish. Lately, I've also been "suffering" from melasma. Man, those patches just don't go away. I was looking for very large - just shy of comically large glasses that would cover all the high points of my cheekbones - while driving so I could still drink coffee and not have to wear a mask. These eyeglasses cover 80% of the area I need covered but not the other 20%. However that 20% is where the worst of my melasma resides.I do believe these glasses are suitable for almost 95% of people looking for extra large, stylish glasses and not for the few like me that are looking for something just shy of comically large. They look great and everything looks very clear and bright through the lens.Notes:-I read some reviews where some thought the lens on the tortoiseshell glasses were too light. My experience was different. I thought the tinting was just perfect. Not too light that I was squinting but not too dark that I didn't have great visibility-Not an issue for me but please know this doesn't come w/a case. Spare packaging - just a ziplock type of bag which I appreciated-have included picture of my regular aviators and these glasses. Larger but not that much larger.-lastly, my face is very, very large so the glasses will likely look much larger on you

Cool 😎

Dark tint for those sunny days!!!

Abraham Jimenez
My Favorite glasses

My favorite glasses for the price


Del 1 al 10 les doy un 8 cubren bastante bien los ojos... Si los recomiendo

LaSean Rogers
booty watching

these glasses are so dark it is almost impossible to get caught booty watching. As long as you dont turn your head completely around you good. but if you have to turn around it was clearly worth it and you dont care if you get caught....also i have a huge head and these are absolutely perfect for me.