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grinderPUNCH Polarized Vintage Club Sunglasses Half Frame


Color: Green

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Ciao Bella! Discover our fan-fave Bella shades. These sunnies are insta-worthy, beach-worthy, and YOU-worthy! Featuring an oversized fit, classic square shape, & sleek metal temples, our
bestselling Bella will upgrade all...

  • Polarized Vintage Half Frame Sunglasses
  • Frame Style - Browline / Half Frame
  • Frame Material - Polycarbonate Plastic
  • Frame Color - Black, Tortoise 
  • Lens Color - Black, Green, Tortoise
  • 8408PL

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
At 1/20th the price of Ray Bans you cannot beat these

Unlike my girlfriend, I don't buy expensive sunglasses. Frankly, I have a hard time justifying $300 or more for something I know costs about $2 to manufacture. I don't care whose name is embossed on them. Sunglass Hut must be killing it with their margins!Dont get me wrong, I think my girlfriend rocks a good looking pair of sunglasses, but she has more invested in all her pairs of them than I have in my TV. And I have a nice TV.It's not like I have never had nice sunglasses. I had a pair of Serengeti Drivers about 20 years ago that I sat on and destroyed the second day I owned them. Not surprisingly, really expensive eyewear look just like really inexpensive eyewear when they are all crumpled on a car seat.I also just recently lost a pair of nice Italian ones I bought on sale (regular $300 for $60 ... I splurged!) which blew off my head while at the top of a 200 foot church tower on a particularly windy day in Spain last month.These are great eyewear. They fit great, feel great, work great. But at the end of the day, just about any colored glass or plastic should work great. I mean, really. It's not rocket science.So for the money .... get these and put the other $290 in a jar to save up for a new TV or to give to Sunglass Hut on your girlfriend's next birthday.

Big Al
Cool shades at a hot price.

Great price for a nice look. If you're like me, you lose these things like Republican candidates lose credibility. Well, maybe not that often, but more to the point, they provide excellent shading in sunny weather and the polarization helps to clear up some haze on bright cloudy days. I keep buying them because, for the price, they work very well. Just wish they were made in the USA.

Donaldo Velasco
Best sunglasses I've owned

Some of the best sunglasses I've worn. Very good quality and not to mention stylish.The lens offers a great tint of brown that doesn't give me headaches like other black lens.Really awesome sunglasses.

For cheap glasses they look good and fit my big head.

For cheap glasses they look good and fit my big head. I would buy again.

D. Olsby
Very nice!

I'm a large guy with a large head. These glasses are proportioned just right for me. They're comfortable and look expensive.